Are CBD Oil For Dogs and Why It May Actually Work Better

What is CBD oil for dogs? CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a naturally-occurring compound found in the marijuana plant. CBD is one of the active ingredients found in marijuana, and it’s well-known for its health and relief properties. Usually, it’s extracted from the medicinal marijuana plant and purified using a carrier oil to fill the bottle with the oil. The pharmaceutical grade CBD you’ll find in pet shops is derived from industrial-grade marijuana plants. Click here for more information about best cbd oil for dogs.

Most of us think that CBD is good for us, but a few people question whether CBD oil for dogs is worth the side effects that pet parents and veterinarians warn us about. In humans, CBD has produced some intriguing results in some research, including an effect that may help relieve seizures. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it could have the same effect on dogs with neurological disorders. But at this time there’s no evidence that CBD works in any sort of clinical trial with animals. So for now, we’re left only to hope that some good studies will surface in the future that can answer our questions.

For many years, veterinarians have recommended that their dogs are given CBD for dog epilepsy and for chronic pain, as it was shown that CBD slowed the progression of seizures and helped with joint inflammation and pain. But there are currently no FDA-approved drugs on the market for these uses. Some companies have come up with CBD oils for dogs that contain CBD as an ingredient. These oils don’t have the same medicinal benefits of CBD, but they do seem to work for some dogs with arthritis and other neurological disorders.

Many people don’t realize that CBD can actually be administered in a variety of ways in small amounts. It can be given in a form of a pill, a spray or even in a soft toy, as an infusion, etc. Different doses may be needed for different dogs depending on how severe the issue is. Here are some things to consider when evaluating CBD treats for dogs:

Although CBD can be effective, it may not be helpful for small dogs or puppies whose only problem is occasional and infrequent seizures. This is because CBD may interfere with the electronic signals in the brain, which in turn can lead to further seizures if this problem is ignored. You may want to consider another option for treating your pet. So if you can’t find anything else that will work, try giving your dog a good quality CBD treat, like hemp seed or raw hemp seeds, as they have shown excellent results in studies with lab rats.

The reason that CBD works better than THC in animals is because of its lack of metabolism by the liver and the fact that CBD is non-bodily soluble. Thus it can easily pass through the blood stream before being metabolized. While this makes it less “potent,” it also means that the levels in the brain are higher. As a result, your pet will experience fewer side effects and therefore will be a lot easier to handle. Also keep in mind that while CBD may be more effective at relieving symptoms of an acute seizure than THC is, there is still no evidence to suggest that CBD is actually more helpful to pets than THC.

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