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We employ various means of testing the water quality and water clarity of Wilson Lake, including Secchi disk readings, and readings for dissolved oxygen, temperature, and phosphorous levels. A unique program is a joint research project between FOWL and the University of Maine Farmington. The lead professors are JuIia Daly and Rachel Hovel, who coordinate the project with their students. A large red buoy sits at the “deep hole” with an 80 foot line suspended from it that includes temperature and dissolved oxygen sensors at various levels.

Established in ancient Roman times, this town on the river Leie became the flax capital of Europe in the Middle Ages, as well as the uncontested producer of damask during the Renaissance. Today it is a center of carpet and upholstery production, and a university town, with a department of the Catholic University of Leuven. A traffic-free district with shops and restaurants attracts well-to-do customers from throughout the region. Some of the war’s worst moments occurred at the Ypres Salient, which came to epitomize the Vijverbenodigdheden atrocious nature of trench warfare.

Periodic detailed reports can be found in our Newsletters on our website. Use all of our pond & water gardens related sites to locate companies in your local area to find the products and maintenance services you are looking for to keep your pond or water feature looking it’s best all season long. Acoustic recordings have shown that there are species more active over less polluted water, such as Eptesicus fuscus (Kalcounis-Rueppell et al., 2007), Myotis capaccinii (Biscardi et al., 2007), M. In contrast, other species have been found to be more active over polluted water, such as Neoromicia nana (Naidoo et al., 2013) and Perimyotis subflavus (Kalcounis-Rueppell et al., 2007). The property was offered to the town in 1953, and after much debate, the town of East Lyme purchased the property, for the “benefit and enjoyment of the town and its citizens”.

The white sand beach on the western side of the bluff soon became a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing. Two decades later, the town acquired the equally lovely Hole-in-the-Wall Beach on the eastern side of the bluff, named for the passage from Baptist Lane under the railroad tracks to the beach. The Rocky Neck area has been known for generations for its abundance of wildlife. Bride Brook meanders through a wide salt marsh on the eastern side, attracting osprey and fish hawks in the spring, and snowy egrets, herons and migratory birds in the fall. On the western side, Four Mile River flows to Long Island Sound.

This is a warm-water fishery—including both largemouth and smallmouth bass, and black crappie. Branch Lake is one of over 330 Maine lakes with records of ice-in / ice-out dates. This 124-ft-deep (38-m) lake is the public water source for the city of Ellsworth. After a 7-year negotiation, the Clary Lake Association was finally able to purchase the dam in October 2018. The Association promptly repaired the dam and has restored Clary Lake to its historical water level. The water level of Clary Lake is maintained by a dam at its outlet on Route 218 in Whitefield.

We have shown that perception of prey by echolocation is easier if the prey is presented on a smooth surface than if it is presented on a structured surface . This is because the smooth surface reflects a much lower level of clutter echoes than the structured one if ensonified at an angle typical for bats foraging low over water. The ensonification experiments revealed that the sound pressure level of the echo was even higher for mealworms on a smooth surface than for mealworms suspended in air. This might be because waves travelling via the surface also contribute to the echo (e.g. reflection from the surface to the mealworm, back to the surface and then to the receiver).

A plank bridge over the river eased transportation in the area. The Reverend John James McCook and his family began summering on the Niantic shoreline in 1869, after their physician suggested a removal from the heat of Hartford would be beneficial for their eldest son’s health. They purchased an eventual 16 acres on what had been known as Champlin’s Point, and had a large, prefabricated house built on the property. At the time of the purchase, only one tree, an oak, stood on the bluff. McCook spent many years, with local help, reconfiguring the landscape, removing ledges, moving boulders, and planting maples and beeches. The house was burglarized several times in the late 1800s and early 1900s, especially after the McCook family became embroiled in a dispute with local fisherman over the use of fishtraps in Niantic Bay.

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